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Hello bbs.

I want to firstly apologize for my absence here over the last couple of months. Working three jobs and graduating from college is crazy time consuming. But now that I'm not I want to revive this community and my own life here on LJ.

Today I felt like it was important to post something today, on the third anniversary of Michael's passing. A day does not go by that I dont miss him, and I also think how thankful I am that he came into my life bringing music, love and so many amazing friends. This year feels different, perhaps less devastatingly sad but still heartbreaking to think he has been gone for three years. But he is never really gone, he is always in our hearts. And he will continue to live on every time we listen to his music, watch a favorite video or squee over a sexy picture. A legend never dies.

I love you Michael and all of you bbs. ♥

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